Press Release – The Devils Reign Boston


The Devils Reign – Boston, curated by High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore.
Opening Reception: May 6,2016
Show on Display May 6-19th

The Devils Reign features images depicting devils and dark gods from current and past cultures, as well as monstrous characters inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos. The Satanic Bible, first published in 1969 and written by Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey, was used as inspiration for the exhibit. Artists referenced LaVey’s roster called The Infernal Names which features a list of more than 50 devilish deities compiled from world mythology, including Satan, Lilith, the Greek fertility god Pan, Dracula, Loki, and even Hindu divinities Shiva and Kali. This is the first show and published art book of its kind associated directly with the Church of Satan.

Notable artists in the exhibit include rock poster icon Derek Hess, whose work is included in the collection of The Louvre Museum in Paris and The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Modern day tattoo legends Tim Lehi, Derek Noble, Dusty Neal, Curt Baer, Uncle Allan, and Timothy Hoyer all accepted invitations to participate. Well known heavy metal album illustrators such as Seldon Hunt, Shaun Beaudry, Palehorse, and Florian Bertmer also contributed artwork. Stylistically, the works range from the gothic and grotesque to art influenced by Japanese and traditional tattooing styles.

This is the third and final destination for this show.

Full list of exhibiting artists include:

Alexandra Snelgrove
Andy Howl
Chris Reed
Clay McCay
Curt Baer
Derek Hess
Derek Noble
Dusty Neal
Dylan Garrett Smith
Florian Bertmer
Francisco D
Herb Auerbach
Josh McAlear
Marilyn Mansfield
Michaelanthony Alton Mitchell
Pale Horse
Samantha Roman
Seldon Hunt
Shaun Beaudry
Tim Lehi
Timothy Hoyer
Tony Karnes
Uncle Allan
Zac Scheinbaum
Zack Spurlock
Zoth Ommog

Light refreshments will be provided.

For additional info please email us at


36 Prospect St
Cambridge, Massachusetts
(617) 945-9656
Devils Reign Boston