Devils Reign 5 submissions

Call to Artists

The Devils Reign V: TYRANTS




A Gallery of Rogues, Blackguards, and Scoundrels.

While the fourth entry in our series of books and exhibitions explored the darkest aspects of femininity, it is now time to conjure forth the most toxic forms of masculinity that one could imagine. While we’ve previously dealt with mythical demons, devils, and daikaiju, now we task our artists to explore humanity’s male monsters. One might depict historical despots, manipulators, and conquerors such as Caligula, Attila, Hitler, Robespierre, Pol Pot, Rasputin, Tamerlane, Stalin, and Vlad the Impaler. Utter fiends Witch Finder Matthew Hopkins and the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada slaughtered innocents in service of their theology and their evil must not be forgotten. Serial killers, notorious or obscure, are of< course fair game—Bundy, Dahmer, Fish, Holmes, Gacy, Gilles de Rais and others of their ilk. Gangsters Al Capone, John Dillinger, Whitey Bulger, Bugs Moran and their brothers in crime victimized so many and are worthy participants in this rogues gallery. The pitiless pirates Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart), Captain Kidd, Sir Henry Morgan, and fellow buccaneers doomed their prey to watery graves, so they too would serve as fine subjects.

And, if these madmen from the blackest pages of history don’t incite you, one may also render men of dark ambitions and darker doings who have come forth from the grim recesses of the minds of their inventors. Look to the likes of Professor Moriarty, Iago, Darth Vader, Saruman, The Joker, Reverend Harry Powell, Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger, Fu Manchu, Michael Myers, Norman Bates, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and Ming the Merciless to inspire fear and loathing.

Those who exhibit “maximum testicular baditude” must be your subjects. Men whose atrocities might be the stuff of both legends and nightmares should malevolently cast their domineering gaze upon all daring to view these portraits of tyranny. Let the “Bad Guys” reign!

Magus Peter H. Gilmore
High Priest of The Church of Satan


1. Eligibility: Anyone over 18 is eligible to submit their own original art.

2. Medium: Full color or black and white artwork.  Including: painting, illustration, sketches, photography, and sculpture.

3. Dimensions: There are no restrictions on size of original art included in the book.  Portrait orientation is preferred.   Work for the book must be digitally uploaded.  We cannot accept mailed submissions.

4. Content: All submissions should fit within the context of TYRANTS as described in the curator’s note above.   Work may be adult in nature.  Work should not include any text or logos that are copy written or trademarked.

5. New Work: All work submitted must have been completed within the last 48 months or done specifically for the book.  Per artist exceptions may apply.

6.  Upload File Requirements:  You may submit up to 5 images for possible inclusion. We will publish a maximum of up to 2 full pages of work per artist. All uploaded art must be at least 300 ppi at 9×12 inches (book print size) and saved in JPG, TIF, or PDF format.  Images should not exceed 64mb each.  Uploaded photos or scans must be professional quality (high-resolution files, at least 2mb or larger). 3 dimensional work should have a black or white background.  Blurry or low quality images will deleted.  Please understand web vs print pixel dimensions before attempting to send us your art. Ask a friend for help if needed.

7. Deadline:  Final deadline for art submissions is July 1st, 2023.

Additional information:

Book release event:   There is no date yet for a book release party.  Please check back once we are closer to having the books in hand.   Currently we are projecting a 2024 release date.

Kickstarter: Once the book has been created we will be launching a kickstarter to fund the printing and advertising of the book.   We are hoping to make Devils Reign 5 our biggest release yet.

Artist Copies of the Book: Artists accepted into the book will receive a discount code for one book priced below wholesale cost plus shipping.  Limit 1 copy per artist.  Pre-orders can be signed by the exhibit curator at no additional charge.

Book Release Waiver: The book release waiver at the bottom of the upload form will detail usage rights of the images selected for the book and exhibition.  A digital signature is collected at the end of the form.  A copy of the book release form will be emailed for your records.