Devils Reign III: Daikaiju – Artist List Announced


HOWL Books is pleased to announce the artist list for 2017’s Devils Reign III: Daikaiju art book, curated by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan.   The book will feature an introduction by Gilmore and will be accompanied by a foreword by legendary monster painter Bob Eggleton.  The book and art exhibit features original renditions of all types of giant beasts, inspired by pop culture, film, comics, ancient myth and world religion.

From the curator’s call for submissions:

“For THE DEVILS REIGN: DAIKAIJU, we task you with crafting images of giant monsters. They may be renderings of the behemoths from past mythologies and movies or you may summon up new vast beasties from the primordial depths of your own imaginations. From horrific to humorous, the daikaiju you conjure must be shown in a context that emphasizes that they are gigantic, whether their actions are devastating or hilarious. We live in a new age of Gods and monsters, so let us capture them in all of their glory for this year’s book and exhibition. Have at it, you aficionados of the gargantuan!

Over 150 artists submitted more than 300 pieces of artwork this year.  Tattooers, comic book artists, painters, illustrators and more, all uploaded work for the project.   Including well known artists such as Bob Eggleton, Matt Frank, S Clay Wilson, Wes Benscoter, Dave Berns, Seldon Hunt, Derek Noble, Tas Danaz, Jeff Gaither, Pooch, Mamat Ahee, Burney, Rotten Fantom, Karl Dahmer, Mark Riddick, Jeff Srsic, Chris Reed, Clamore Wolfmeyer, Robert Borbas, Onnie O’Leary, Florian Bertmer, and many more.

Pre-orders begin August 2017.  The first edition of the book is limited to 666 hard cover copies. Books signed by Gilmore will be available during pre-orders only.

The book series is produced by Fort Myers, FL based tattoo artist Andy Howl and published exclusively by HOWL Books.  Devils Reign II Psychedelic Blasphemy (2016) is currently available on and Amazon, with less than 140 copies remaining.   The first Devils Reign book (2015) is sold out with plans for an expanded 2nd edition in the future.

A ticketed book release party and exhibition is being planned for Winter 2017 at HOWL Ft Myers, details TBA.

Artists included in Devils Reign III: Daikaiju:

A.W. Storm Anderson
Adrian Baxter
Alex Santaloci
Alexandros Pyromallis
Andy Howl
Anthony Richichi
Arturo Fresan
Blial Cabal
Bob Eggleton
Brian Reedy
Cameron “Meegs” John
Carl Porter
Chris Reed
Christopher Lee
Clamore Wolfmeyer
Cliff Franks
Colin O
Daniel Gagne
Danielle Branchaud
Dave Berns
David “Thrax” Perkins
Derek Noble
Dharma Lefevre
Florian Bertmer
Francisco de Goya
Gabriel Altrows
Godlike Ikons
Infested Art
Izzy Grim
Jason Leach
Jeff Carr
Jeff Gaither
Jeff Srsic
Jett Vincent Bailey
Jimmy Psycho
Jimmy Utah
Joe Gettler
Jon Snyder
Josh Mosh Lyons
Jurii Kirnev
Karl Dahmer
Mamat Ahee
Marcus Clark
Marisa Dion
Mark Riddick
Mat Fitzsimmons
Matt Frank
Matthew Lackey
Mattie Gilliland
M.A. Mitchell
Mike Dawsey
Mike Reed
Misty Tyers
Mr. Tea Time
Natalia Tsarevnikova
Nico TDM
Nina Pluska
Onnie O’Leary
Oren Wry
Peter Santa-Maria
Rachel Espinoza
Renee Anderson
Revolting Worship
Rotten Fantom
S. Clay Wilson
Sean Riley
Seldon Hunt
Shamus Mahannah
Shaun Beaudry
Skot Olsen
Steven Anderson
Steven Griffin
Tas Danaz
Tentacles and Teeth
Todd Tennant
Tony Karnes
Turia Ostling
Wes Benscoter
William Elrod
William J Butler
Zoraida Castilblanco

Teaser images: