Sinfonie Sinistre CD – Peter H Gilmore – Limited Edition

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Sinfonie Sinistre is a limited edition CD release for Devils Reign II: Psychedelic Blasphemy. Composed and performed by Magus Peter H. Gilmore. The album features 40 minutes of vintage atmospheric electronica.See below for details, track list and samples.



The Devils Reign is pleased to present Sinfonie Sinistre, the first complete release of a rare electronic composition by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan.  This 6 movement recording is a dark atmospheric landscape of retro synthesizer compositions, that until now, had been locked away within the nether regions of The Black House.

Performed by Magus Gilmore on two vintage synthesizers, a KORG Polysix and a Buchla 100 (The same exact Buchla 100 pictured here on wikipedia).

This 40 minute CD was assembled specifically for release during Devils Reign II: Psychedelic Blasphemy.
Currently only available from HOWL Books as a limited edition CD.  It is not available as a digital release.

Track List:
1. Ulthar (8:47)
2. Carcosa (3:31) Carcosa (sample)
3. Rlyeh (5:50)
4. Yuggoth (6:00) Yuggoth (sample)
5. Shaggai (6:06) Shaggai (sample)
6. Kadath (8:44)

All music composed and performed by Peter H. Gilmore.
Engineered by Gene Lavergne.
Artwork and layout by Andy Howl.
Presented by HOWL Books in association with The Church of Satan.


Listen to track 1, Ulthar, on